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22 Mar


This past 4th of July 2016 weekend commemorated the Grand Opening of the cites’ New Public Parking Garage located across the street from the Pompano Beach Fishing Pier.
The City unveiled its new garage accompanied with an array of fireworks display, the new garage displays symbolic architecture and canvas sailboat sails on the sides of the building with LED lightening on its borders.  The rooftop of the garage is fully landscaped it has a glass elevator which can take it patriots up or down instead of using the stairs, the elevator also overlooks the marvelous ocean.  Inside also has a huge aquatic mural depicted, the public parking garage not only offers a well needed spacious parking lot consisting of according to officials 663 new spaces for its residents and tourist alike.  The project cost the city 24 million dollars the project put Pompano beach on the map as a futurist city not to mention the all the other recent upgrades the city has made like at the beach with the recently revealed new fountains for the youth to enjoy and cool off.
The beach has also added a new concession stand serving snacks like sandwiches, ice cream etc.  Just north on the Pompano Pier there is another concession stand that is currently getting a makeover as well the city encourages local businesses to participate in the projects.  There are plenty of vacation rental properties in Pompano Beach whether you are looking for a house rental or a condo on the beach its all here.