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22 Mar


When going on vacation one has a lot of decisions to make including your destination location, how to get to and from your destination and where to sleep on your vacation.  While some hotels offer a wide variety of amenities such as room service or shuttle service, there is one amenity that can’t be overlooked and that is option to choose.  With a hotel you usually have standard or deluxe rooms and depending on how many are in your party you might have to get more than one room, in contrast with a vacation rental you have the option of however many rooms you may want or need, plus most amenities you would find in an upscale hotel if desired such as a pool, gym, hot tub and more just to name a few.


In a hotel you might find a resturant or two and you might not like or feel like having anything on the menu, in a rental you have a fully equipped kitchen and can cook whatever you please at anytime.  This comes in handy when traveling with children who are picky eaters and it is also a money saver if somebody wants a soda or cocktail you can get it yourself and not have to pay double plus a tip for a soda at a hotel resturant.


Renters are able to choose vacation rentals close to their family, friends or tourist attraction which saves money on fuel or transportation.  If you have a special request most homeowners will go out of their way to accommodate your specific needs for example you need a baby high chair.